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  • Chase Tarkington

NYC on Film

Film is foreign to me. Sure, I took a 35mm film class in community college, but that was over 10 years ago, and to be honest my parents' camera that I borrowed (a gift they received at their wedding) had automatic settings that I usually relied on. Fast forward to today, I have been dabbling in film yet again, and once again living on auto. But that's okay! You have to get your bearings somehow before diving into the deep end.

Anyways, film has been a struggle for me so far: testing lots of cameras purchased on ebay (ending in mostly bad luck), some mishaps itself with the film, learning, adjusting, learning, trying to not make the same mistakes. Sounds like life huh?

A friend, probably fed up my constant questions and disappointment in my ebay excursions, finally sold me their Canon A1. A classic. But it has still come with it's fair share of trial and error, mishap and misfortune. But maybe that's the fun part. Or at least that's what I tell myself as I suffer but continue to shell out the $$$ for both film and getting it developed.

All this to say, here's some shots from the first few rolls I took on the Canon on a trip to NYC. The digital perfectionist in me sees all the flaws, but there is something here that can only be achieved with the trials and beauty of film. Enjoy.

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