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An assortment of logos created for various clients


Channel Flex:

An Xcel Technology

Channel Flex, an Xcel Wetsuits exclusive technology, completely reinvents the wetsuit experience. This exterior, lightweight, hydrophobic, gridded material breaks up tension by reducing fiber and water weight, allowing a surfer to have complete free-range of motion.

This logo was created to represent the gridded technology while also visually showing its flexibility and agility.
A logo mark that can be easily recognizable when the standalone logo on marketing material, but also when
printed small on the wrist of a wetsuit. 

Radiant Rebound:

An Xcel Technology

Radiant Rebound, a technology that was initially being used for astronauts, utilizes a metal lining under the textile that blocks cold temperatures from penetrating the outer layer and reflects heat generated within the wetsuit back towards the body, keeping you in a constant state of warmth.

This logo was created to display the dynamic technology of taking what you already have (body heat) and reflecting it back towards yourself. By taking the double "R"s of the technology name and mirroring them, while also interlocking the bases, I found a way to show the benefits of the technology in a simple logo mark. 


Nudge After School Program

Nudge is a branding exploration of an after school program created for kids. Emphasizing in life skills rather than just study and homework help, Nudge helps our youth to put the right foot forward and be knowledgeable in challenging life events. 

Created in collaboration with Itzia Tapia.

Hangar7 Studios

Logo system created for a creative services studio that was operating out of a local airport hangar. Combining the uniqueness of the aviation based location and the creative studio, the paper plane was the perfect solution to encompass both for the studio logo.  

Typography is hand drawn.

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